You are at Pawan Kalyan Independence Day Tweeter Message!!

Pawan Kalyan Independence Day Tweeter Message!!

Ahead of Independence Day, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has a message for the people of the country. He particularly mentioned about popular quote of well-known poet Seshendra...'Samudram Okadi Kalla Daggara Kurchuni Moragadu, Thufanu Gonthu Chittam Anadam Eragadu, Parvatham Evvadiki Vangi Salam Cheyyadu. Nenitha Oka Pidikedu Matte Kavachu Kaani, Kalamethithe Oka Desapu Jenda Kunnantha Pogarundhi'.

Then Pawan Kalyan added, "These lines from Poet 'Seshendra' reminds us the kind of Spirit we should have towards our Nation. We should do what we can from where we are to the 'Progress & Integrity' of our 'Motherland Bharath'. My wholehearted 'Independence Day'wishes to you all, JaiHind!".We need more people like Pawan Kalyan who could inspire generations to do their bit for the Nation. What do you say guys? Isn't it true? Keep on motivating Powerstar!!!

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