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Telangana Inc sends SOS to Chief Minister KCR on power crisis

The situation has worsened over the last two months and the two-day power-holiday for industries, being implemented since last month, has further aggravated the situation.
The industries department has sent a distress signal to the Telangana government expressing serious concern over the existing power crisis.
It has stated that the power crisis has been adversely affecting the industrial sector and hundreds of proposals submitted to set up industries, especially in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) sector, were being taken back. Several proposals to set up big industries too are being withdrawn.
The situation has worsened over the last two months and the two-day power-holiday for industries, being implemented since last month, has further aggravated the situation.
The department made it clear that it will be difficult to convince investors to set up industries unless the power crisis is resolved at the earliest.

CM N Chandrababu Naidu for amicable solution to conflict

The row over sharing of water and electricity between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana intensified further on Wednesday with AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu accusing the TS government of trying to conceal its inefficiency and failure of overcoming power crisis by blaming AP.

Mr Naidu also alleged that, “An SMS was sent following which TRS activists attacked Telugu Desam leaders and set ablaze the TD office in Nalgonda district.” However, he refused to elaborate on who sent the SMS to the TRS workers asking them to attack the TD leaders.

Mr Naidu said the happiness and satisfaction is in “give and take policy” and helping each other and not in mudslinging as is being done by the TRS.

Though Mr Naidu said he was ready to cooperate for an amicable solution between the two states and willing for an open discussion about the prevailing power crisis, water sharing and other contentious issues between the two states, he minced no words in making it clear that the TRS government was trying to create controversy over every issue and blame the AP government for it.

“This is not the right kind of attitude. Telangana is unable to handle its power woes. It cannot blame Andhra Pradesh for its inability.

Andhra has made long-term agreements to reduce the power deficit. Though we are purchasing power at Rs 6 per unit, AP has agreed to give 300 MW of power to Telangana state as farmers are suffering. How can AP give power from PPAs not approved by the Electricity Regulatory Commission,” he said.

Referring to the Telangana government’s refusal to stop power generation in the Srisailam Left Power House as water in the reservoir fell to the minimum storage level of 857.6 feet, the AP Chief Minister said the LPH could be operationalised only when surplus water is available in the river.

Asked whether the AP government will go to court against the TS government on this issue, Mr Naidu said: “There is a River Board to solve such disputes. We (AP) want an amicable solution as interests of Telugu people in both states are involved.

TRS is a party existing only in one state but TD is responsible for the interests of Telugus both in AP and TS,” he said and added officials from both the states had agreed to the conditions of G.O. 69 and GO 107 in the River Board meeting.

Stating that water levels in Srisailam have depleted to an all time low, Mr Naidu said, the operation of Srisailam reservoir is governed by GO Ms No 69 dated January 15, 1996, and Go Ms No 107 dated September 28, 2004.

Srisailam reservoir is operated in integration with Nagarajunasagar reservoir for meeting drinking and irrigation requirements of Chennai Water Supply Srisailam Right Bank Canal, supplementation to KC Canal, Krishna Delta Canals, Nagarjunasagar Canals and Hyderabad Metro Water Supply, besides meeting the requirements for the projects taken up based on surplus waters.

Stating that the spillway would be operated when reservoir level crosses 885 ft in Srisailam reservoir, he said the quantum of spill would be released to Nagarjunasagar through turbines.

The pump-storage system would be operated from July to October only. A release of 11,000 cusecs would be made to ensure an average power generation of 700 MW. The water has to be pumped back during lean periods.

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