You are at Rajnath Visiting Pak Only For SAARC, No Talks: MEA

Rajnath Visiting Pak Only For SAARC, No Talks: MEA

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday asserted that Home Minister Rajnath Singh was visiting Islamabad next month solely for the purpose of attending the SAARC ministerial conference and ruled out any possibilities of bilateral talks with leaders of Pakistan.

“The Home Minister is not travelling for a bilateral engagement with Pakistan, he is going for a SAARC related event. You know the importance that we attach to SAARC, to regional cooperation, to regional prosperity. So please take this in the right context. The Home Minister is visiting Pakistan for a SAARC related event as Home Ministers of India have been attending all previous Home Minister related events in the SAARC context,” MEA official spokesperson Vikas Swarup said in a press conference.

Stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has articulated his vision on innumerable occasions that SAARC should be revitalised and that it's is an important vehicle for bringing the region closer to each other, Swarup added that it would not send a very healthy signal if importance is not given to SAARC and to SAARC related cooperation in important areas, such as drug-trafficking, narco-trafficking, border management, anti-terrorism.

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