You are at e- challan Launched by Cyberabad Traffic Police

e- challan Launched by Cyberabad Traffic Police

Cyberabad or Hyderabad traffic police has launched e challan (Traffic Challan) today which is a non-contact implementation scheme to restrain defilement’s and impose sterner road traffic self-restraint amongst the travelers. Cyberabad or Hyderabad police create  Traffic e challans with picture proof. There are two forms of e challan. One is generated with Investigation Cameras, which mechanically click the defilement pictures. These pictures get e printed on the Traffic Challan itself. Second form is with Digital Cameras. The cops take snapshots of the defilements on the field. These pictures are kept for record purposes. The Cyberabad or Hyderabad police at the present time have kept record of all the e challans and defilement evidence of all automobiles. One can check unresolved challan status on his/her motor vehicle Online. All one needs to do is to visit: and you will see the below screen.

It’s very simple. Just enter your “Vehicle Registration Number” and click on “Go”. You will have the desired information within a few seconds. One can also visit the station that is stated within the on top of website to find out the photo evidence of the defilement.

Please follow this link for the getting the centralized page information of all Indian Traffic Challan

Now the question arises, can I also pay these challans online? The answer to this is, ‘Yes, you can’. Yes you can pay traffic challan of Hyderabad or Cyberabad online.

One can make payment of his/her e challan online via Credit Card through ‘Payment Gateway’ and clear the unresolved traffic challan showing beside in his/her vehicle. But before you do that make sure to double check the status of your Cyberabad or Hyderabad Traffic challan online.

Steps to check and pay Traffic Police challan in Hyderabad/Cyberabad

Visit to pay challan of Hyderabad or cyberabad. You can go the Andra Pradesh link

Click on Register and feed in your particulars with a ‘Username and Password’
Once you have registered, and then go to again Click on “Pay Bill” or visit
Once you are logged in, click on “You want to Pay Hyderabad Police Traffic Challan and Click Here”
In case, you don’t see the above option, click on the button at top left side which states “Add More Services” and Select “Hyderabad Traffic Challans” Or    “Cyberabad Traffic Challans”
Enter your full Vehicle Number in uppercase
Once you have entered your Vehicle Number, and then click Submit. It will show you the list of E Challans undecided beside your vehicle. If there is no e     challan pending then you will see “Invalid Registration Number/Challan already Paid”
When you have multiple challans to pay, you can select all of them at one go and click Submit. Total amount payable will be shown in the box
Once you click “Submit” you will be passed on to the page where you will see the complete amount
Click Submit. It will take you to ICICI Bank Payment Gateway
It may take up to 24 hours to update your payment

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