You are at TRS To Include Nizam's Story In School Books

TRS To Include Nizam's Story In School Books

Why his life story required in school books?

Its every one knows about KCR who always try to praise Nizam king wherever he gets the chance. Now the party started its preparations to introduce Nizam life story in school books. An official statement released by TRS party in Council created an outrage in the hall.

Today TRS party announced a statement related to Nizam story introduction in to school books had received huge criticism from opposition. In many occasion KCR praised Nizam also got serious attacks from TDP and Congress. They had questioned KCR on Nizam cruelty and urged to stop such things. But Telangana CM KCR known for his "not care" attitude went a step forward with his decision to introduce his story now. TDP and Congress questioning TRS decision on Nizam and asking clarification on responsibility of Nizam cruel activities during rajakars time. Opposition thrashed ruling party behavior called for an protest in council. As of now Council is filled with strong protest on this topic. As per political experts the move of TRS party will be throwing own reputation into dump yard with this act in view of public. They commented ," Minorities might easily fell in their trap, but  they loose majority Hindu people faith with this decision".

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