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Harikrishna Opens About Janakiram's Death

Legendary NTR's son-TDP politburo member Nandamuri Harirkishna is devastated with the untimely death of his elder son Nandamuri Janakiram who passed away last week in a fatal road accident. Aftermath Janaki's demise, things at Harirkishna's house are never the same again. Despite his great sorrow, Harikrishna opened up on what exactly went wrong. He revealed the turn of events that occurred on that ill-fated day.

On Dec 6, 2014 (Saturday)

I still remember what all it was happened. Dad's (NTR-starrer) Veerabhramendra Swami Jeevitha Charitra was being aired on TV. Usually, whenever his films are being aired on TV, we'll watch it together. I called upon Janaki to inform him about the movie so that he'd tell his kids to watch the movie on TV. When I had called, it was 6.09 PM and by then Janaki was no more for us. He met with an accident at 6.07 PM. Someone had picked my call and on hearing anonymous voice, I raised my pitch and said, "Janakiram...Janakiram". The other person on the phone replied, "I don't know. The one with this phone has met with an accident and suffered injuries to his left hand." He asked, "Who are you to him?" I told him, "I'm Nandamuri Harikrishna and he's my son Janakiram." He was moved. He said he was on his way to Hyderabad from Vijayawada but told me that he'd go back to hospital and update me about Janaki's well-being. I thought there wouldn't be a major one.

I immediately called upon Kalyan Ram and Jr NTR but both didn't pick my calls. I'd called Chandrababu Naidu garu and even he was not available as he's in party meeting. After a while, Jr NTR called me and said, "I'm coming home in 10 minutes. Nothing has happened to Annayya. I'd just spoken to him, he's just having dressing for his wound and coming back home. You don't worry." Jr NTR in between called Kalyan Ram and told him to go to Nalgonda and he came back to home. Meanwhile, Chandrababu Naidu garu called me and enquired about the incident and asked me how did it happen. In between he said, "Sorry, Harikrishna garu." I had asked him, why he was saying sorry? He replied, "Nothing, it's for the incident" and said he's coming to my home.

I'll never ever forget Venu's family who joined my son Janakiram in hospital and helped us in tough times.


Although he had lived in US for several years and even worked there for a while, he had great respect for Indian culture, traditions. He usually follows a set of omens whenever he goes out. He informs his mother, father-in-law and his wife must appear in front of his car before he goes out. Unfortunately, he didn't follow anyone of these on that day. On that day his wife, my daughter-in-law was not at home. She was in a hospital. He had called her and told her that he was going to Kakinada on an urgent work and said he'd return soon. "He never returned, " said Harikrishna with tears in his eyes. He had received call from bank officials regarding his proposed company in Kakinada and gone.

Against to Barbarian Rituals

It's really irony. Perhaps he learnt these from films or not. On several occasions, he talked about "barbarian" rituals which one does to woman after a husband dies. Questioning them, he raised these with his mother, wife. "If a husband dies, why should wife wipe out her Bindi (Bottu)? Why should she break her bangles?" No one could bring back Janakiram. His wife is like my daughter. Having Bindi is birth right of a woman and Mettelu, Mangalasutram are being accorded from husband. Who are we to took away them? I think, we don't have that right to do such rituals. Excuse me, if someone is against to it. Hope everyone understands this.

Source: ABN

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