You are at 2 injections every month or 2 could control HIV

2 injections every month or 2 could control HIV


Preliminary Tests have proved two injectable drugs could control HIV if the patients take the injections every month or two. Johnson & Johnson in association with ViiV Healthcare who is known for its specialization in HIV drugs have been behind this achievement. As part of the 96-week study, Results of the first 2-weeks research have been disclosed on Tuesday. Research found it could be the first of its kind treatment and a huge advancement in effectively handling the deadly disease. About 309 Patients have participated in the research and the bloodborne virus has been in check in the past 32 weeks. These Two Injections will have to undergo further testing to gain necessary approvals to hit the market.

Usually, HIV Patients take three kinds of medicines on dialy basis. If the patients fail to take the medicines regularly, The virus spreads at a rapid pace beyond recovery. Dr Daniel Kuritzkes who is an AIDS expert and Harvard Medical School professor opines the new research provides the proof that the virus can be kept at bay. The Two Injectable drugs could be a remedy if they can stop the virus from spreading for long period.

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