You are at Rs 1 lakh bounty announced on Chintu's head

Rs 1 lakh bounty announced on Chintu's head


The sensational murder case of of Chittoor Mayor Anuradha and her husband had caught the AP police off guard. K Chandrasekhar alias Chintoo, the nephew of Anuradha's husband is suspected to be the mastermind behind the attack. Police investigating the murder of Chittoor mayor have come to a conclusion that it was Chintoo, the nephew of the deceased, who killed the couple. Now police have launched manhunt to nab Chintoo. From the day of the murder he was absconding.Police announced a reward of Rs1 lakh for anyone giving a clue on the whereabouts of Chintu.

Chintu with the help of two friends and two hired killers murdered the couple. Rayalaseema range officer RP Thakur who has been investigating the sensational case visited the place of offence on Friday. Police have already announced earlier that two of the killers were taken into custody. The prime accused Chintu who is now absconding, had disputes with the deceased couple over mining operations, domination over market yards and municipal contract issues for the past few months

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