You are at AP Capital Area is On Fire!

AP Capital Area is On Fire!

Reports are pouring in that farms of a few farmers who refused to give their land for land pooling in the capital zone have been burnt. It is being said that a few miscreants have set fire to farms of people who refused to part with their ancestral lands. 

If the rumours are indeed true, then the ruling Telugu Desam Party and the government has to take complete responsibility for this act. It is equally important that it must take stringent action to punish the culprits and all those involved in the heinous act. On the other hand, if the act has been done by mischievous elements to shame the government, the ruling party must still go ahead and take the necessary steps to provide justice for those affected. 

During the early hours of Monday, hay stacks, vegetable patches and huts were burnt by unknown people in villages in Undavalli, Venkatapalem, Uddandarayupalem, Mandadam and three other villages. 

The incident has left the farmers angry and it is now being said that about 20 people got together and indulged in the act. While the actual details are not out as yet, if the properties of only those who refused to give their land for land pooling have been burnt, then the whole incident must come under scrutiny immediately. 

Already, the farmers are distressed and are expressing anger over their farm lands being burnt down for having refused to give them for land pooling.

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