You are at Modi Happy After Swiss Bank Approval!

Modi Happy After Swiss Bank Approval!

Swiss banks agreed, Modi Happy

In a major breakthrough for Modi in India's fight against black money allegedly stashed abroad today Switzerland responded positively for India's request. In a media statement Swiss officials confirmed this news.

Swiss banks agreed to Indian requests for banking information on a priority basis and provide requested details in a time-bound manner. Adding to this Swiss authorities will assist in obtaining confirmation on genuineness of bank documents on request by the Indian side. It also swiftly provide information on requests related to non-banking information based on India's request. India and Switzerland have long standing bilateral ties across diverse areas. Both the countries have strong tie-ups in the economic sphere. However, in recent times there have been differences on the matter of alleged illicit money stashed by Indians in Swiss banks. Considering these issues both parties came together to resolve economic issues. Seems Modi fulfilling his poll promise soon.

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