You are at Over 17,000 files pending in KCR office

Over 17,000 files pending in KCR office

Over 17,000 files pending in KCR office ,KCR, Budget, Secretariat, KTR

Telagnana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao's lack of experience and capacities to lead the state are slowly surfacing with the huge backlog of files in his office and further delay in presenting the date for budget to the assembly and for the apprroval by the Governor.

Records at secretariat and the camp office show that as many as 17,000 files are pending with the CM including nearly 3000 files of the CMRF sanctions. 'Unlike other Chief Ministers KCR is not allocating time for file clearance and spends most of his time at Secretariat and also Camp office on discussions only, say the CMO officials.

There is also a talk that KCR is deliberately refusing appointments to all civil society associations which participated in the Telagnana movement as most of them would demand their share of benefits of Telagnana formation. He is also keeping the Telagnana JAC away. The hand loom weavers asoscitions who could not get his appointment finally brouoght out a wall paper and pasted it on the barricades of secretariat in front of C block which were removed by the police later.

'KCR is meeting only top industrialists, contractors sportsmen and foreign delegates chosen and selected by KTR' they say. Industrialists and contractors first have to meet KTR and only on his green signal that they are given appointments at the CMO.

KCR has plans to put off his governments budget presentation by another fifteen days as he is unable to finalize programs due to delay in compilation of the household survey due to technical snags KCR says that finalizing programs and schemes without corroborating them with the survey outcome will be futile exercise and waste of huge funds.

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