You are at MLA Balayya do a fantastic job to his constituency

MLA Balayya do a fantastic job to his constituency

This is the love of MLA for his constituency people. Nandamuri Balakrishna in the capacity of elected legislator wrote a letter to Municipal Minister Narayana today to remove the interest and penalty on the property tax for people of Hindupur Municipality.

The officials got into the act of collecting the tax dues and penalty from people and they are putting pressure on people. This came to the notice of the MLA who took it to the attention of the Minister. Balayya also said that after detailed study he found that more than the tax, interest and the penalty are running high and that is deterring people from coming forward to pay the tax on time. He requested the minister to intervene and waive off the interest and the penalty to see an upsurge in payment of taxes. Bravo MLA Balayya, that's a fantastic job!

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