You are at Blackmailing : Tv-Anchor Harshvardhan Arrest

Blackmailing : Tv-Anchor Harshvardhan Arrest

VIJAYAWADA: A television channel anchor Harshavardhan was taken into custody by the police on the charges of blackmailing in the late hours of Saturday.

Police reported to have recovered Rs 1 crore from the possession of Harsha following a raid conducted on the hotel where he stayed.

According to sources, Harsha had been demanding the management representatives of a dental college located near Vijayawada to pay Rs 5 crore or face the adverse telecast in their news channel.

Sources said that the management representatives tried to patch up with the anchor by offering small amount.

However, the anchor did not relent and step up the threatening prompting the college management to approach the police.

The management of dental college stuck a deal with the anchor following the suggestion of the police helping them nab the anchor red-handed.

The anchor was shifted to Patamata police station where he was being grilled for the role of others in the news channel behind the blackmailing. Police sources said that the anchor would be formally arrested after taking his statement on the issue.

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