You are at Pawan kalyan Tweets Cash For Vote Scam Issue!!

Pawan kalyan Tweets Cash For Vote Scam Issue!!

At last, Pawan Kalyan opens mouth

Breaking his silence nearly a month after the cash for vote scandal and the subsequent phone tapping row, film star and Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has responded in his own diplomatic style. Not taking any names, Pawan used Nelson Mandela as an example of a true leader and hoped that our leaders followed the great leader's footsteps.

Pawan tweeted, "IF POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT SETTLING SCORES, then I wonder, if,the Late Nelson Mandela would have had the same attitude like some of our leaders then imagine what he could have done to the South African Apartheid Regime and the white people who tortured & humiliated him & the black people for decades. But as a Leader he has chosen a Path of Reconciliation to avoid a civil war and for the larger Good of the people. That's the greatness of his Noble leadership and I hope our leaders walk on the Path that he has shown". Now, everyone can easily understand what the Janasena leader is talking about - the war of words between the AP and Telangana CMs following the cash for vote and phone tapping scandals.

Pawan further said, "I hope our leaders walk on the Path that he (Mandela) has shown. Still.. if the leaders take it to that extent then the very people who put them in Power will suffer. And one has to be aware of it."

While it is appreciable that Pawan has finally spoken his feelings about the present political situations, one can't help but feel that he should have been clear enough in whom he is addressing to when he said about 'leaders'. Otherwise, his reaction will only be seen as an philosophical escapism.

Also, Pawan's words are highly diplomatic and could easily confuse the common people, who would be clueless to find the link between Nelson Mandela and our leaders and of course, Pawan's delusional ideology. Dear Powerstar, common people want your honest and straightforward reactions about current politics, not these intellectual discourses.

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