You are at Teachers Held For Making Girls To Sit Next To Boys

Teachers Held For Making Girls To Sit Next To Boys


Girl Students of Government high school has submitted a complaint to the District Education Officer (DEO), Suryapet, Nalgonda, alleging that they were harassed by their school teachers. The high school students wrote a complaint letter and said that they were subjected to harsh comments, scolding and rude behaviour by mathematics teacher Anjaiah and English teacher Chandrashekhar Reddy.

"These two teachers are harassing us by making us to sit next to the boys. They are scolding us if we refused to do so. One of the girl was harassed by mathematics teacher last year and her parents stopped her for school.We are pleasing you to issue transfer certificates so that we can join other schools." the girls stated in a written complaint. They lodged complaint with the Deputy District Educational Officer and She-Team .The police arrested the duo after the students lodged a complaint

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