You are at Manmadha Nama Samvatsara Panchangam 2015

Manmadha Nama Samvatsara Panchangam 2015


New Hindu New Year named Manmadha is starting on 20th March 2015, 15:07 hours IST.

Since sunrise on 21st march, the new year is counted and celebrated on 21st.

This year Saturn is King, Mars is the Minister while Moon is the commander-in-chief of army among Nava Nayakas for Ugadi 2015-16.

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Here are general predictions of this year :

  • More frequent eruption of Volcanoes (both on earth and inside oceans).Natural calamities (floods and earth quakes) will increase this year.
  • Miracles of God at religious places will be experienced.Few pilgrimages can lead to mass deaths.
  • Countries ruled by military or dictators (more applicable to North Korea) will see better days as Saturn will give boost to democracy.
  • Canada, USA, South India, Jammu & Kashmir, Germany, China, Hawai Islands, Pacific Islands will be the worst hit by nature.
  • Major cities in USA and China will be hit by earth quakes.
  • Sportsmen need more security as some mishaps can happen. Ex-sportsmen turned politicians need to take care of their security as life threatening situations can arise.
  • Usage of drugs will increase and also crime related to it is on rise.
  • Japan polulation will freeze. China will try to occupy every small island around it.
  • USA will be busy policing other countries and organizing wars, while its own economy goes down. Obama will be criticized for his policies and personal issues.
  • Hillary Clinton will progress and be more popular.
  • In Britain, Conservative party leader Zac Goldsmith will gain more popularity.
  • Crime on women, white collar offences, cyber crime are increasing compared to last year.
  • Indian Prime Minister will dare to take few sensational decisions on Jammu and Kashmir.
  • In Europe, Germany and Italy face tough times this year. Egypt, Iraq, Israel continue their war atmosphere.
  • Pakistan will face results of internal turmoil. Imran Khan needs special security.
  • Priyanka Gandhi will step forward into active politics while her mother and brother will take backseat, but this will not help Congress party this year as BJP continues to dominate.
  • Chinese mobiles will be banned across many countries.
  • Usage of pesticides in cultivation of food will be restricted.
  • Organic foods gain more popularity.
  • Hunger deaths will be almost zero this year.
  • Suicides, broken love affairs, alchoholism, drug addictions are common among teenagers.
  • Ebola virus will spread in many countries.
  • Sensex will increase rapidly.

Checkout individual Raasi Phalalu : Mandama Nama Samvatsara Rassi Phalalu or Click Here

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