You are at T Rajaiah given 6 chances before burthruff?

T Rajaiah given 6 chances before burthruff?


To err is human, but to make mistakes knowingly is stupidity. That appears to be the case of the former deputy chief minister of Telangana, Dr T Rajaiah.

Madiga Rajaiah who was sacked unceremoniously and replaced within hours by another Madiga also from his own constituency should hang his head in shame. Instead he is once again airing misgivings about his dismissal and blaming it on alleged 'gullibility' of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao for listening to his detractors.

Rajaiah told a local newspaper that “I am not even told why I am sent out.The allegations in the Newspapers are not proved too. Swine Flu reason is not at all right.It is every where in the country,” Apparently, KCR had not bothered to listen to his explanations or cared to give him a second chance.

Informed sources in the Telangana Chief Minister's Office said that KCR discussed the issue with his senior cabinet colleagues hours before sacking Rajaiah and inducting Kadiam Srihari in his place and had laid down on table all reports about Rajaiah's antics and deeds and sought their opinion. "Two of the five ministers at the meeting opined that Rajaiah should be given a chance to explain," said a CMO official but KCR had retorted with "I have given six chances to Rajaiah for his mistakes since I made him Deputy CM. But he does not understand and feels that since he is a Dalit, nobody can touch him."

Rajaiah however says that he is hopeful that KCR would accommodate him some where in the government in a good position. KCR promised me to give one more chance to serve the people.

But what Rajaiah has not clarified is about the corruption issues and also the suo motu appointments he made in the Health University, antics of his OSD and also other personal staff. KCR had procured a report from special branch (Intelligence) about his deputy's activities and how much wealth he had amassed. The only saving grace for Rajaiah is that there is no punitive action except loss of job!

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