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Girl Posts Morphed Obscene Photos Of Boyfriend On Social Network Site

Girl Posts Morphed Obscene Photos Of Boyfriend On Social Network Site
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In a strange turn of events a 20-something girl created a fake Facebook profile of her so-called boyfriend and put up morphed obscene photos of him for extracting revenge from the boy for ignoring her.

Budding entrepreneur Devesh Sharma came in contact with the 20-something girl through a common friend last month.

He had agreed to employ the girl's 23-year-old sister as a tele-caller for his office and in the process became friends with the girl. According to Sharma, she was keen to explore the city and asked Devesh to take her to parties.

"She told me that after completing school, she had shifted to the city from eastern UP. I have no clue if all of that is true," said Sharma outside Hazratganj-based cyber cell.

On Friendship Day on August 3, the girl asked Sharma to buy her a handbag worth Rs 4,500 and a miniskirt worth Rs 9,000 before going to a party. "I refused to do so. We had agreed to meet the same evening at a discotheque in an Alambagh-based mall but I dropped the plan," said Sharma, adding that he has never met the girl.

The two would interact only through mobile phones and internet.

When her demands for expensive gifts did not end, Sharma felt something amiss and began to lose interest in her. On August 4, the girl called Sharma 100 times and sent him more than 50 messages threatening him with dire consequences if he ignored her demands.

"She asked for Rs 2,00,000 but I expressed an inability to do so. She then instructed me to deposit Rs 20,000 and gave me a bank account number. I have given the details to police," he added.

The next day onwards, Sharma began avoiding her calls. Upset over the treatment, the girl morphed Sharma's photographs from his Facebook profile and put them up on a fake profile in his name. The girl juxtaposed Sharma's face over photographs from porn sites.

"She also posted my number and fake profile link on porn sites saying I was gay. I was shocked and shattered," he said. On August 8, Sharma brought the matter to the notice of cyber cell. The staff was initially amused to hear the story and thought a male was blackmailing Sharma by pretending to be female in order to dupe him. However, constable Hari Kishore took note of the complaint and sought details of the IP address.

Inspector SC Malviya found that the girl was from Manaknagar. "She apologized to Sharma over the phone and deleted the profile. We will carry out further probe if he lodges an FIR but for now we cannot take action against her," he said.

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