You are at Arvind Kejriwal Dirty Politics!

Arvind Kejriwal Dirty Politics!

Arvind Kejriwal who floated party opposing the corrupted politics now came to know the real instinct of politics.Arvind Kejriwal stirred a controversy by asking voters to take money from both the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party but vote for AAP in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections.

Participating at  a rally in Delhi's Uttam Nagar, Kejriwal told the people that they should take bribes from both Congress and the BJP, but vote only for his party.

Arvind said ‘’BJP and Congress lure you people by offering money for vote.The money they will pay you for votes is money they have stolen from us. Take bribes from the Congress and BJP, but vote for AAP."

Kejriwal’s comments turned hot debate in political circles and  many opines that he is "insulting" the people of Delhi.Meanwhile  Voting for the 70-member Delhi assembly will take place Feb 7. 

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