You are at Andhra to Get More Power and Coal to Overcome Cris...

Andhra to Get More Power and Coal to Overcome Crisis


The Andhra Pradesh government has got some respite after its big fight over the "injustice" done to it while allocating power between AP and Telangana during bifurcation of the united AP.

Now, the Andhra Pradesh will get 65 mw power from the Central government quota under "unallocated power". Besides, the Centre also agreed to supply 4 lakh tonne of additional coal from the Western Coal Fields for thermal power plants in AP. The additional coal can be used to generate an extra 500 mw power in AP.

According to sources, the AP Cabinet under the chairmanship of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu discussed the subject. Naidu reportedly informed his Cabinet colleagues that the Centre has decided to allocate 65 mw from unallocated power of Central generating stations (CGGs).

"The Central government, after our pursuance, admitted certain mistakes in power allocation between AP and Telangana in the AP Reorganisation Act," Naidu reportedly told the Cabinet. He said as a result, the Centre decided to allocate 65 mw power to Andhra Pradesh as a compensatory measure.

The Cabinet hailed Naidu's efforts in getting additional power, sources said.

However, sources in the Energy department explained that though the Centre admitted the some mistakes in allocating power between AP and T, it will not be able to rectify them immediately.

If the Centre wants to rectify the mistakes in the AP Reorganisation Act on power sharing between the two States, it has to follow procedure. "Whatever mistakes noticed by the Centre should be rectified only through an amendment to the AP Reorganisation Act in Parliament. Rectifying the mistakes or amending the Act is not easy. The Centre has powers to allocate power to states from unallocated power portion and so has done the same," sources explained.

For the time being, AP has solace that it would get additional quota from the Centre. But, the row over sharing of power and power purchase agreements (PPAs) would continue further. Till then, the Telangana state would get power from AP generating stations as per the Reorganisation Act. Both the States stand to benefit despite the row over power.

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