You are at Chandrababu to mechanize agriculture ?

Chandrababu to mechanize agriculture ?

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu seems to have a bad time against farmers. Already there has been a bad name against him as he grabbed all fertile lands from farmers for building new capital city. We already gave a complete report on that. When workers started their work, they started to get water just on the fourth feet. Now similarly he also grabbed 15000 acres of fertile land for building an airport at Bhogapuram. There is nothing wrong with the Government grabbing all lands for government projects.

The only question is, why should they get agriculture lands? In this case, Naidu while speaking at a seminar which was organized by NABARD he said, the Government is planning to mechanize agriculture besides conducting skill development programmes for farmers to make agriculture profitable. Everyone were surprised at this speech. Because what is the need to mechanize agriculture when TDP is busy in making land acquisitions and chances are low for cultivation lands in future. Is Naidu hearing these words ?

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