You are at Jana Reddy says 'I Am Become CM In 2019'

Jana Reddy says 'I Am Become CM In 2019'


At a time the party is suffering from a severe leadership crisis and defections, Telangana senior Congress leader K Jana Reddy dropped another bombshell on the party's high command saying that he will be the front-runner for the CM post in 2019 elections. The relations between Jana Reddy and the party's high command strained in the recent months following the CLP leader's controversial statements against the party leadership in the state.

He said he is the most senior leader in the party and he deserved to assume the CM post. During the 2014 elections also, Jana Reddy declared himself as the CM candidate, but the party lost the elections. In a scathing attack, Jana Reddy alleged that the KCR government has failed on all fronts including fulfilling of the promises made in its agenda during the 2014 elections.

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