You are at National media puts KCR in Notice?

National media puts KCR in Notice?

When it comes to media, irrespective of their affiliations, if anyone is harmed or harassed they all become one. Now KCR has gone into nationwide attention for wrong reasons that doesn’t bode good for him or his government. 

The Telangana CM KCR made an inflamed speech yesterday at Warangal. In his own aggressive style, he began saying that he will bury alive TV channels which insult Telangana people. He also added that if media has to live in Telangana they must salute him and T-people. He was hinting at the two channels (TV9 and ABN) saying that the ban would not be reconsidered as they hurt the feelings of Telangana people while mentioning sarcastically that they were trying to make some noises in Delhi and elsewhere. 

 Yesterday the criticism grew as women journalists were reportedly treated in a rough manner by police personnel in Hyderabad. KCR also added that those who intend to operate here should learn respecting the people of Telangana! Now all eyes are on the centre regarding its next move!

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