You are at AP Government should seize opportunities for IT

AP Government should seize opportunities for IT


Sometimes, one person's adversity can turn out to be another person's luck. After the severe derailment of life in Chennai, IT companies located there are now considering Tirupati as an alternate base for their operations. Tirupati has all the necessary qualifications for emerging as an IT hub and is conveniently located from Chennai and Bangalore. Besides, as and when, the pace of economic activity picks up in Andhra Pradesh, it would be easier for these companies to expand base.

The government should not let go of this opportunity and come up with attractive incentives for the IT majors to set up shop in Tirupati. For a region long riddled with poverty and consequently, factionism, the development of the region through the IT route would come as a blessing in disguise. Let's hope that the day arrives soon when youngsters in the region would be discussing C and C++ instead of Paritala Ravi or Maddelacheruvu Suri.

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