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Did Not Flee India, I Am Not An Absconder: Vijay Mallya


Tweeting on Friday morning, Vijay Mallya cleared his position that he is not an absconder but an international businessman who will comply with the law of land. He tweeted, "I am an international businessman. I travel to and from India frequently. I did not flee from India and neither am I an absconder.”

He also added in separate tweet, "As an Indian MP I fully respect and will comply with the law of the land. Our judicial system is sound and respected. But no trial by media.”

Adding further he said, "Once a media witch hunt starts it escalates into a raging fire where truth and facts are burnt to ashes." "News reports that I must declare my assets. Does that mean that Banks did not know my assets or look at my Parliamentary disclosures ?," he said.

This is the first ever reaction that Mallya has given since leaving India. Lots of speculations were being made in media on the issue and opposition taking on the ruling NDA government for allowing an easy escape to the liquor baron. The Attorney General had earlier informed the Supreme Court that he has been told by CBI that Mallya has left the country on March 2.

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