You are at 20 Suicides Because 'Amma' Judgement

20 Suicides Because 'Amma' Judgement

16 Suicides With 'Amma' Judgement

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is fondly addressed as 'Amma' by all her supporters and the Court verdict which has gone against her is costing many lives. Reports from Tamil Nadu reveal nearly 16 people committed suicide after hearing the verdict landing Jaya in prison for four years.

The AIADMK party led by Jayalalithaa is currently in a frenzy and its supporters from different parts of Tamil Nadu are showing resentment and anger over the verdict. As for the suicides, one person committed suicide by self-immolation while another threw himself in front of a moving bus and got crushed.

Three others hanged themselves while the rest passed away with cardiac arrest as they were shocked to hear the verdict. Meanwhile, two young people were admitted in hospital with severe burns as they attempted self-immolation. It would take a while before this death spree will come to a standstill.

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