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Clarity on reconstituted plots emerges


Providing clarity on the reconstituted plots for the first time, the AP Capital master plan has revealed that the designated R3 and C2 areas near the villages will be given to the farmers.

Municipal administration minister P. Narayana said, “After the master plan is notified, we will take lottery system and allot plots to the villagers. The master plan has catergorised residential areas as R1, R2 and R3. R3 is medium and high density area, to be returned to the farmers. R2 is for government. In commercial zones, C2 will be give to farmers.”

The master plan revealed 22 per cent of developable land is proposed for medium to high density residential developments, corresponding to 70 per cent of the total residential area, the highest within the city. The medium to high density residential use primarily includes the land to be returned under Land Pooling Act, 2014. The medium to high density residential use facilitates detached, semi-detached, attached and mid-rise multifamily public/private apartments with common facilities within its compound.

The residential typology is dependent on the size of the land parcels to be returned to the landowners. The maximum allowable density of these clusters is about 110 dwelling units per hectare. As part of the Land Pooling Scheme, for every acre of agricultural land pooled, 800 to 1,000 sq yards of residential land has to be returned to the owner and 100 to 450 sq yd of commercial land has to be returned to the owner.

The exact area depends on the quality of agriculture land, location and a few other criteria identified by the CRDA.
As per the master plan, the criteria that the returned land should be within the same Village Administrative Boundary and be as close as possible to the existing village settlements and all parcels to have good road connectivity is being fulfilled.
However, since a major portion of the riverfront is marked as commercial zone, farmers of Rayapudi, Uddandarayunipalem, Tallayapalem, Lingayapalem are apprehensive about the allocation of reconstituted plots in other areas and are demanding the CRDA to mark the reconstituted areas and clear their doubts.

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