You are at YCP Leader Vasireddy Padma slams TDP!

YCP Leader Vasireddy Padma slams TDP!

Linking the Aadhar card to the Government schemes by the TDP Government in Andhra pradesh state was found fault by YSRCP spokesperson Vasireddy Padma.

Speaking to media, Vasireddy has criticised Chandrababu Naidu heavily for linking aadhar card with all the welfare schemes of state government. She has reminded the words of Chandrababu who had shown extreme disappointment for linking the Aadhar card to various Government schemes when the TDP was in opposition during the Eleection.

By linking Aadhar card to the pensions scheme, about 10 lakh pensions in the state are rejected by the TDP government as the pensioners are not able to produce the Aadhar card. About 23 lakh white ration cards are removed in the state, because of linking the Aadhar card to the White ration cards. 40 lakh pump sets are removed by the TDP Government due as the farmers are not able to produce the Aadhar card. TDP Government is linking Aadhar card for all the goverment's welfare schemes in order to reduce the beneficiaries and increase the revenue, said Vasireddy Padma.

The Supreme court has already ordered the state govenments not to link the Government's welfare schemes with the Aadhar card. But the TDP government in the state is least bothered of the supreme court's judgement, added YSRCP leader.

The Govenment is lavishly spending money for Singapore tours, Ap capital development by singapore team etc but the Government is very miserly towards the poor, Old people and the farmers. The beneficiaries for Old age pensions, white ration cards and crop loan waiver are reduced by linking the Adhar card to the welfare schemes in the state, which is against the Supreme court's ruling , said vasireddy Padma.

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