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Task force to take forward MoU with Microsoft


The State Government has constituted a task force headed by IT advisor to Government J. Satyanarayana for ensuring effective implementation of the targets set under the Memorandum of Understanding it has signed with IT giant Microsoft. The decision comes in the light of the Microsoft's willingness to provide technical knowledge to the government and extend its support in the three proof-of-concept solutions by applying Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning and Advanced Visualisation method in education, agriculture, and e Citizen services.

According to the MoU signed between the government and the IT giant, the PoC solutions, to be developed using lab method for data gathering, analysis, and predictive analysis, would be deployed for addressing specific problems within these fields to achieve better outcomes for the State.

Microsoft had agreed to provide necessary architecture and technical support to E-Pragathi, engaging some of the core applications like land hub, datalytics for education. As part of it, the IT major would provide necessary support, technical guidance, and inputs on the data centres, besides lending expertise in implementing the hybrid cloud as part of the IT infrastructure.

The Education Machine Learning project, on its part, needs to be taken further across all classes and districts, and this should be deployed and operated as part of the normal school administration process. In addition, the agreement also envisages provision of White-Fi services for building connectivity in a given area within the State.

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