You are at Chandrababu Naidu Fires on His Ministers

Chandrababu Naidu Fires on His Ministers

Chandrababu class to AP ministers

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu expressed his dissatisfaction over minister working culture. He suggested to learn from Irrigation minister Devineni Uma on how to fulfill government ambitions to state.

In the recent survey of Chandrababu, Devineni Uma stood in top place. The survey which shared shock to Chandrababu on the way of work of other ministers. As per sources the report which revealed very bad results over minister way of working and their respond development schemes. Considering this Chandrababu took a class to all the ministers. In the meeting he warned minister to change their way of working adding removal of ministry if they fail to do. 

He suggested them to see and follow minister Devineni Uma as an example on how they can work. According to sources he appreciated Uma on his counter attacks to Telangana government over electricity issues.

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