You are at Gangrape Videos go viral on Social Media!

Gangrape Videos go viral on Social Media!

Gangrape Videos go viral on WhatsApp

Two Gangrape videos which went viral on WhatsApp have been creating a sensation now. Taking it step forward Social Activist Sunitha Krishnan posted the videos on Youtube and Facebook asking people to help identify the rapists.

The footage show a gang of 6 men sexually assaulting women in two separate incidents and all of them were seen laughing was committing the crime. The victims were seen begging the accused to let them go.

Cops were yet to identify the rapists and no one came forward either concrete information about the accused or lodge a complaint.

The video, which is believed to be at least six months old, was discovered by activist Sunitha Krishnan, who runs an anti-trafficking NGO, Prajwala, in Hyderabad.

Later today, sunitha krishnan's car attacked with stones. Police suspecting rapists only did this. Investigation is going on.

Think its high time that public should support atleast people like sunitha, who stood by the victims strongly. Kudos to her brave step!.

Youtube deleted prajwala group account for posting this. Prajwala Group rasing concerns like "THE YOUTUBE HAS PERMANENTLY DELETED "PRAJWALA'S" Youtube accout , dont know why ?!!! fighting for the rights for a women is a crime ?!!!".

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