You are at Air Asia Plane Mishap : 2 Minutes Costs many lives

Air Asia Plane Mishap : 2 Minutes Costs many lives

Mysterious disappearance and later tragic crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501 in Java sea made many wonder what could be the reason behind the accident.

Many came with their own theories but it is coming out that two minutes delay resulted in death of 162 people.A transcript found revealed this shocking news. The transcript showed the details of the conversation between pilot of Airasia and air traffic control.

ATC gave permission to the pilot to take a left turn and fligh high due to bad weather. He traveled 7 miles and when pilot asked for permission to fly at greater heights, ATC asked 'how much height'. He said 38000 ft but ATC at once didnot give green signal to the pilot.

This because at the same height another six flights are flying which forced the plane to fly at lower altitude. Precious 2 minutes were lost when ATC gave green signal to fly at greater height and the plane crashed down tragically.

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