You are at Unfair : Jagan walk out from Assembly!

Unfair : Jagan walk out from Assembly!

YSRCP exposed the party inexperience in following the proceedings in Assembly every day. Jagan requested Speaker Kodela another 30 minutes for his speech on Budget Sessions otherwise he threatened to walk out from the Assembly. 

Kodela ignored Jagan’s plea and left the choice on walkout to Jagan. After some time, YSRCP MLA Jyothula Nehru entered into the assembly. TDP made mockery on YSRCP’s immaturity. Finance MinisterYenamala objected when Nehru come and sit in the house after YSRCP decided to walkout from the Assembly. 

Yenamala criticized that YSRCP MLAs doesn’t know why they were walked out from the house. He questioned “Why YSRCP MLA entered into the house after Jagan walked out from the Assembly?” Yenemala said that satirically that there are some differences between Jagan and Nehru. Speaker asked explanation to Nehru on this. 

In between, Nani and Kotamreddy were tried to take away Nehru from the house. Nehru said that he was also walked out along with other YSRCP MLAs but after seeing Yenamala in TV Channels, he wrongly assumed that Agriculture Minister Pulla Rao Speech was over. Nehru was again walked out after giving the explanation to Speaker. 

Jagan asked Nehru to explain the whole episode to the media.

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