You are at Depressed Rajaiah Had Heart Attack!

Depressed Rajaiah Had Heart Attack!

Ex Deputy CM T Rajaiah suffered with heart attach this evening. It was said, he was under depression with the sudden developments that had happened from few days in his political career. It was known that Telangana CM KCR Dismissed Deputy CM and Health Minister without notice. KCR Made Kadiam Srihari as Dy CM. 

In this cotext, there were speculations that KCR dismissed him on grounds of corruption and inability of handling 'Swine Flu' . Yet Rajaiah was under deep depression, claiming why KCR dismissed him without a word and without giving a chance to listen his version on said charges. 

This evening while chit chatting with party activists from warangal in his house., he developed sudden pain in chest. Then he rushed to Apollo Hospital in Hyder Guda. Doctors declared it as heart stroke and kept him under observation for 24 hours. "His BP and Sugar levels went down. Left valve of heart not working properly" claimed health bulletin from Apollo.

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