You are at Parked car led to small time Bala Prashant death

Parked car led to small time Bala Prashant death


Couple of days back, a small time hero and dance choreographer Prasanth met death after trying to climb down from a 6th floor apartment and accidentally falling down. Fear of getting caught by relatives of a married lady who's into extra-marital with him, Prasanth actually took this route and fell to death.

On last 13th night, this incident happened in Moosapet, Hyderabad and police made interesting revelations about it. Actually the woman's brother initially grew nothing suspicious about sister's activity though his brother-in-law asked him to check. However, when her husband asked other relatives to check their parking space, a Skoda Car was found in that place. That led to the suspicion and coming of other relatives into scene, which forced the woman to cut her wrist while Prasanth jumped from 6th floor.

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