You are at Tirumala: God makes dumb speak

Tirumala: God makes dumb speak

*14-yr-old speech-impaired boy speaks after Tirumala visit
* Ecstatic parents call it miracle
* 'Amma' was the first word he spoke

For the past 14 years, he couldn't speak. His parents took him to every conceivable specialist in the hope that his vocal chords will begin to work. But all such efforts went in vain. Life was a living nightmare for the parents of this speech-impaired boy.

But, this boy regained his speech after visiting Tirumala shrine. In a real-life wonder that is nothing short of a miracle, Deepak, an NRI who prayed at Lord's sanctum and took prasadam at Vakulamata temple, began to speak. 
The first word that he spoke was Amma (mother), something that would give inexplicable pleasure and joy unspeakable for the mother. 
Deepak, the son of NRI couple, became speech-impaired when he was four years old. The parents tried all types of treatment and consulted many of the famous doctors. He also joined in the speech therapy course in London. But none could get back the voice for the boy.

The ecstatic parents informed the good news to the officials of the TTD who later brought this to the notice of media. 
Amid chants of 'Govinda..Govinda', the happy mother said: " My son now can speak. Not as fluently as others, but speak nevertheless. He got his speech back with the blessings of lord Venkateswara."
Deepak's father termed it as a miracle and shared his happiness with everyone.

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