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KCR Writes Letter to Modi

The food ministry has recently directed major paddy-growing states of non–basmati rice to limit “levy” to a maximum of 25%, down from the earlier notified 75%. This levy reduction order will make open-market rice cheaper; food inflation will be moderated; quality improvisation will take place. Exports prices will be lower and non-basmati rice export will be incentivised.

Considering these facts KCR had written a letter to PM. In this letter KCR urged to protect farmers from the losses. He disclosed that levy reduction will be a big burden on the farmers and they will get lower price for the production.

But existing system of 30-75% levy rice has led to over procurement, overstocking, Wastage/deterioration, excessive involvement of central funds and higher food subsidies.  The reduction in levy, to 25%, will correct the systemic deficiencies. Will Modi listens KCR words considering national interests?.

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