You are at Powerful Narendra Modi Pushes Obama Down!

Powerful Narendra Modi Pushes Obama Down!

'Time' Magazine that portrays one of the revolutionary face of the year, has now focused on Narendra Modi the rising global power. Narendra Modi who created sensation all over the world with a party with non-secular views and winning in democratic system has made the global nations to look up for India.

This is another proud moment for Indians. It was only Mahatma Gandhi who earned that respect of being the face of 'Time' in 1930. But, now Modi has been given this rare respect for being the face of 'Time' magazine and will soon be declared as the 'Person of the year'. 

Another surprising thing was, Barack Obama who was been the face of 'Time' for two times has now fallen down to eleventh position in this voting. So, this is the Modi's magic mania to the world. He proved to be strategical and friendly with all nations. However, this is to be announced officially on December 8th. So, wait for that moment and cherish!

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