You are at Samantha, Lady Osama Killed Finally

Samantha, Lady Osama Killed Finally

As like Bin Laden in terrorism A Northern Ireland-born Islamic terrorist described as the world's most wanted woman Samantha Lewthwaite has been shot dead in Ukraine by Russian Sniper.

Russina news agencies confirmed the news asthe terrorist killed while fighting against pro-Russian rebels for the Ukrainian volunteer battalion Aidar. Samantha reported last month while fighting for Islamic state terrorists in Syria. The incident took place when Samantha fighint for Ukarine in pro battalion war with Russsain assassinates. Its confirmed that  $1million bounty has now been placed on the head of the Russian sniper who allegedly shot her dead by Ukraine special services.

Samantha was married to 7/7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay  and reportedly fled Britain in 2009 just before being linked to a series of bombings in Kenya. Though the news still officially not confirmed by any governments but news agencies claimed with multiple proofs giving strength to this.

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