You are at Revanth Reddy : 1 crore bribe for KTR..!100 crore ...

Revanth Reddy : 1 crore bribe for KTR..!100 crore for KCR...!

Revanth Reddy who known for stunning remarks against TRS leaders and KCR is back again.After revealing a sensational secret video of KCR now once again Revanth back with severe allegations on Telangaana crusader.
It’s known that Telangana government increase the fees of Medical colleges in the state and it earned flak from all quarters.Speaking about the unilateral decision of KCR Revanth slammed him left and right.
Revanth accused that CM was taking crores of bribes and behaving biased towards companies and institutes. Revanth questioned why the fees have been increased in telangna when it was comparitely low in other states such as Karnataka and AP

“In Karnataka fee for medicine seat is Rs 3, 50,000 and in AP it is 5, 50,000, so why you raised the fees only in Telangana up to 11, 00,000” questioned Revant
Revanth accused that KTR and KCR are competing with  previous Congress government's heads in collecting bribes form institutions and companies.
He alleged  that KCR had taken 100 crore rupees as a bribe from cement companies to hike the price of cement.
He made an snatching allegations  by saying that an MLA of TRS told him  that whoever wishes to give 100 crore worth bribes would meet KCR and whoever wants to give 1 crore bribe will meet his son KTR.
Revant Reddy said it was very unfortunate to see that poor and middle class people were troubled with these fee hikes.

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