You are at Student Dies While Taking Selfie In Hyderabad Zoo

Student Dies While Taking Selfie In Hyderabad Zoo

Selfie death rise is on toll these days with more and more people giving up their lives for a selfie. Killing themselves while clicking a selfie is coined as 'selfiecide' lately and it is no more an exaggeration. Selfie craze has taken yet another life of an youngster in Hyderabad zoo park.

Manjeet Chowdary was enjoying his visit to zoo park along with his sister and brother-in-law until he tried to snap a selfie from the rocks at two times of his height for a particular pose and angle. He then fell down in the water and turned unconscious.

He was declared dead at Osmania hospital. There were not any visible injuries, but his head might have hit the rocks that caused severe internal injuries. Police registered it as suspicious death and unofficially it is one more death from selfie craze.

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