You are at Liquor to be banned in Some Areas Of AP!

Liquor to be banned in Some Areas Of AP!

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Liquor traces are less found in Gujarat in India. AP Government too is in the process of moving on the same lines. Politician Kollu Ravindra mentioned that the liquor shops in an around educational centres and temples will be banned. He stated that they won't give licenses to the liquor shops which are nearer to these regions.

He further mentioned that the government will take action on the existing liquor shops in these regions. He visited Tirumala Tirupathi and on this occasion he stated that the liquor shops on the way to Tirupathi too will be banned. He further stated that they may extend all over the state in future.

If this happens, AP will be a liquor free zone and will be the next state after Gujarat to attain this sort of status. But, AP is depending more on the taxes which are coming from liquor shops. We have to see how AP Government manages to get the financial resources, managing the banning of liquor.

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