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Hari Rama Jogaiah Questions Pawan Kalyan's Honesty


Former Congress MP Hari Rama Jogaiah, who has done his stint with Chiranjeevi's erstwhile Prajarajyam Party and later came out of it, has made some sensational comments the other day. He has showed what's meant by politics actually, by flaunting his pampering qualities on one side and slicing with a butter-laced knife from other side while participating in a TV talk show. "Among Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, I heard that Pawan is not interested in money and also a good person. But he never gave an appointment to me, and I've not got a chance to speak with him", said Jogaiah, lifting the Janasena President to the sky. But this veteran knows how to punch air from the balloon very swiftly.

"But people won't become politicians by just reading books. Maybe Pawan should finish his movies in next two years and then take up a 2-year Paada Yaatra to understand people from root level, like us" he adds. The former MP's aggression on Pawan haven't stopped here.

"Everyone these days is saying Pawan Kalyan is honest person. But how could they decided his honesty? In my view, a person has to contest and win an election, sit in power, and then prove that he hasn't eaten single penny. Those persons are called honest ones", Jogaiah said. So, to prove honesty, everyone has to become a politician and sit on throne? This is what they say, Congress-mark theories on politics.

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