You are at Padma award from Saif Ali Khan to be taken back?

Padma award from Saif Ali Khan to be taken back?

Centre to take back Padma Award from Star Hero?

Seems like Union Government is contemplating on stripping Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan of the Padma Shri Award.

Subhash Agarwal, An RTI Activist, demanded Centre to take back the Padma Award which is the 3rd highest civilian award in the country from Saif Ali Khan after charges were framed against the actor by a Mumbai court for alleged brawl in a restaurant. In response, Union Home Ministry seeked a report from Mumbai cops regarding the entire issue on August 20th last year. Even after 7 Months, There is absolutely no progress in the case and Mumbai cops have to be blamed for it.

As a result, Union Home Ministry now directs Mumbai Police to speed up the process of sending a report on brawl involving Saif Ali Khan. May be, Its a sign of warning bells for one of Bollywood's hottest Khans!

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