You are at Vijayawada Hi-Tech City is started

Vijayawada Hi-Tech City is started

MEDHA Towers was constructed in Vijayawada by the same L&T which constructed prestigious I&T towers in Cyberabad. 

There is around carpet area of 1.75 lakh square feet for IT companies. So far, just one fourth of the carpet area was used by some data operating companies in MEDHA. Now, AP Government is in thought of utilizing the MEDHA towers to the full extent for its administration purposes. 

MEDHA is located just before the Airport of Gannavaram and all surroundings filled with bushes and trees. AP Chief Minister CBN ordered the officials to move all Head of the Departments to Vijayawada. This has all types of transport facilities (Road, Rail and Air) available to reach the MEDHA. CM has decided to consider Vijayawada as Temporary Capital of AP. Chief Secretary Krishna Rao also ordered Krishna Collector to search for other buildings for AP Government. 

CBN has believed that new capital of AP would be like with International standards. He discussed his opinions with all committee members that formed on the construction of new capital. Devineni was already started to function from Vijayawada. Other ministers like Siddaraghava Rao, Kamineni and Kollu are also to start their offices in Vijayawada.

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