You are at YSR aide Suridu Meet AP CM Naidu at Camp Office

YSR aide Suridu Meet AP CM Naidu at Camp Office


Sureedu, YS Rajasekhar Reddy's Man Friday, arrived at Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu's camp office in Vijayawada on Thursday, raising much speculation in political circles. Sureedu, who was true to YSR till the end, had simply disappeared from the scene till he made his dramatic entry in Vijayawada today.

Political circles are agog that Sureedu is in the know of land deals by YCP leaders in the capital region. But this maybe just speculation, giving room to interested parties. Sureedu would not ditch his master today, going by his strong reputation. Not only that, when the TDP leaders cornered all the land, where is the room for the other parties?

The man with the lock of white hair, and always in white and white, Sureedu was off the scene all these years, and his sudden appearance is a matter of much speculation. Even the TDP leaders, who keep a close watch on the movements of visitors, have been surprised by Sureedu's appearance.

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