You are at TDP Rajya Sabha member Gundu Sudharani joins TRS

TDP Rajya Sabha member Gundu Sudharani joins TRS


TDP Rajya Sabha member Gundu Sudharani joins TRS party today in the presence of CM KCR. She exactly repeats the same words that every leader who joins TRS will say. She said “I joined TRS party seeing CM KCR's efforts for development of the state. I am keen to take part in his development activities. So, I am joining TRS party today." But, few days back the same person indirectly stated that she wants to leave TDP because she is not getting due respect in the party. So, it was the actual reason for her migration into TRS party. She got Rajya Sabha seat that is a clear sign of honor for her in the TDP. But, she jumped for TRS when CM KCR welcomes her into party.

He welcomes her not because she has strong cadre support or she has a great following among the people in her Warangal district, but merely to psychologically strike the TDP just before the Warangal by elections. Hence, he did not mind to welcome her into his party, although she fails to bring a handful of party workers along with her. Probably, she may regret for her decision when she lose her identity like Vijayashanthi lost earlier.

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