You are at Nara Lokesh-Brahmani's Baby Moon in USA

Nara Lokesh-Brahmani's Baby Moon in USA

Exclusive: Nara Lokesh-Brahmani's Baby Moon!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu's son Nara Lokesh and his wife Brahmani is leaving to USA for 'Baby Moon'. We have heard about 'Honey Moon'. But, what's this 'Baby Moon'?

Actually, 'Baby Moon' is the latest trend that's been fastly spreading across the World. Its all about couples going on vacation to enjoy alone time together before the delivery of the baby.

Nara Lokesh: "After 2 Years, Both Me and Brahmini got some time to go on a vacation. As Brahmani is Pregnant right now, She can't travel long distances from next month. Hence, He are going for Baby Moon".

However, Lokesh is tightlipped about the exact location during their stay in USA due to security reasons. It is learnt that the couple would be spending sometime with Brahmani's Sister's Bharat who is currently studying in USA now. 

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