You are at AirAsia Flight Mischap Reasons found Out!

AirAsia Flight Mischap Reasons found Out!

AirAsia Captain left Seat before losing control

As per investigation report, Captain of the AirAsia Phane that crashed in December last year left his seat for some unorthodox procedure and it was too late by the time he returned to his seat as the Co-Pilot already lost control.

It was told that AirAsia Captain was handling the maintenance problems on the Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC). He pulled the circuit-breaker to cut its power, an act which is very unusual as per the experts. His less experienced co-pilot was taking care of the plane flying at high altitude at that point of time.

Airbus A320 crashed into the Java Sea while leaving Singapore from Surabaya in Indonesia on December 8th. All the 160 people on board were killed and Indonesia recently announced calling of the search operation in the Java Sea. Only around 70 bodies have been recovered till date.

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