You are at 'Don't Take Us For Granted,' allies tell BJP

'Don't Take Us For Granted,' allies tell BJP


Allies in the National Democratic Alliance are turning the heat on the BJP saying it should not take them for granted. At a meeting held Monday the Akali Dal, Shiv Sena and Telugu Desam told BJP president Amit Shah they felt ignored because the government was not keeping them in the loop on big decisions. Sources said the allies sought "better communication and coordination" especially on the schemes introduced by the government.

Akali Dal leader Sukhbir Singh Badal said most of the issues flagged by the allies were being ignored by the government.

Telugu Desam Party leader Chandrababu Naidu tried to make comparisons with NDA-I under Atal Bihari Vajpayee saying there was "no communication gap" then. Naidu said the alliance should be a two-way traffic and that the big party should strengthen its minor allies. Shah is again meeting the alliance partners individually on Tuesday evening to hear them out.

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